Vision AI Robotics solutions for mass production,
which others never thought possible

Vision AI Robotics solutions others never thought possible

Converging Artificial Intelligence(AI), 3D Vision, and Robotics technologies,
we provide intelligent robot automation solutions for mass production industries that
delivers excellent service with industry leading cycle time, fast installation
providing rapid and substantial returns on investment to our customers.

CMES Solutions

Vision AI Robotics solutions offered by CMES are industry leading for fast cycle time with high accuracy.

Robot Guidance
3D Inspection

CMES Technology

Fast, Precise, and Adoptive for industries

CMES AI Robotics develops all technologies in-house to build a reliable Vision-guided AI Robotics system for industries.

3D Vision

Providing “Eye(Vision)” to recognize objects and environments.


Giving “Brain(Artificial Intelligence)” to think and decide before an action.


Guiding “Instrument(Robot)” to take an action fast and accurate without any collision.


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CMES Solutions are stably operating in the real-world industries

CMES AI Robotics partners with the world’s leading manufacturers to design, build, and integrate
custom automation solutions. Repeatedly, we have proven that challenging work and creativity
can uncover opportunities others never thought possible.