CMES creates a unique Vision-guided AI Robotics solution
that delivers superior performance and reliability

A world where people can live more valuable lives

Technologies and solutions developed by CMES AI Robotics allow robots to replace
dangerous and difficult tasks in various industries, and changing industries into a place
where humans can take on more productive tasks in a safer and better environment.

CMES Technology

Fast, Precise, and Adoptive for industries

CMES AI Robotics develops all technologies in-house to build
a reliable Vision-guided AI Robotics system for industries.



Design an optimal system and system
Modelings for accurate movement.

System Architecture Design

System Modeling

Vision-Robot Calibration



3D data on objects and environments
are used as the basis for recognition,
positioning, and judgement on robot behavior.

3D Object Scanning

Environment Scanning

Dedicated Sensor Design & Manufacturing



Enables flexible work on complex
situations and behavioral decision-making
processes based on AI object detection.


3D Vision Algorithm

Behavioral Decision Making



Work successfully based on an optimal
path and the best HW solution

Standard HW Platform & Cell customization

Robot Motion Planning

Gripper Design



Maintain the best condition of
infrastructure by continuous monitoring
and updates of AI models

ML-ops (AI life-cycling)

Robot SW Platform

System Monitoring


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Our Valued Customers

CMES Solutions are stably operating in the real-world industries

CMES AI Robotics partners with the world’s leading manufacturers to design, build, and integrate
custom automation solutions. Repeatedly, we have proven that challenging work and creativity
can uncover opportunities others never thought possible.


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